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Jinan Sino Truck Sales Co., Ltd.
Nhà cung cấp đa chuyên ngành
Sản Phẩm chính: Xe tải
Thứ tự xếp hạng3 nhà cung cấp nổi bật trong Xe tảiGlobal export expertiseSupplier assessment proceduresTotal trading staff (5)Years in industry(12)

Main manufacturing bases of the company are located in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong province. The predecessor to our parent Company was the first domestic manufacturer of heavy duty trucks and built China's first heavy duty truck in 1960. Through years of research and innovation, we have had obvious advantages in market network, product,technology and cost, and established a unique enterprise culture.We market our products under the brand name 中国重汽(China Heavy Duty Truck)in Chinese and SINOTRUK in English. The company was granted as National complete truck export base enterprise by National Development and ReformCommission and Ministry of Commerce. Our brand was awarded as one of 10PRC brands by the World Confederation of Productivity Science. Our target is to be a world well known heavy truck manufacturer and provice customers with cleaner, energy-saving, safer and comforter transportation vehicles. 



Vận chuyển HÀNG HÓA XE TẢI
28.900,00 US$ - 30.900,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
31.999,00 US$ - 35.999,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
10.900,00 US$ - 29.900,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
33.900,00 US$ - 34.900,00 US$/Bộ
1 Bộ(Min. Order)
25.000,00 US$ - 34.900,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
13.999,00 US$ - 15.900,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
34.999,00 US$ - 37.999,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
35.999,00 US$ - 37.999,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
36.999,00 US$ - 37.999,00 US$/Bộ
1 Bộ(Min. Order)
30.999,00 US$ - 31.999,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
9.000,00 US$ - 12.000,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
9.999,00 US$ - 12.999,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
43.999,00 US$ - 45.999,00 US$/Đơn vị
1 Đơn vị(Min. Order)
43.099,00 US$ - 45.999,00 US$/Bộ
1 Bộ(Min. Order)
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Produce Ability
Our factory can produce difference type ligh and heavy duty trucks, semi trailers accoring to customers request, and we do supply all type spare parts.
Production line
Our manufactory have 5 production line, per line can produce 150units/24 hour.
Pulling Ability
We do have whole testing system to test whole truck using condition.
Performance Testing
To suit difference using condition, like hot area, rough road condition, tire life etc,
Suspension Testing
To test the suspension compressive property .